When is the Best Time to Remodel My Home?

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When is the Best Time to Remodel My Home?

Any remodel on your home, whether part of a room or the entire home, takes careful planning and consideration. There’s a lot to do before even picking up a tool (or the phone to contact your contractor).

One of the most important considerations for a remodeling project is when it should take place. Here are some tips from our remodeling experts on when you should plan your home renovation project.


Weather is the major factor in deciding when to perform a project. It’s hard to redo your outside deck in the snow. Likewise, in some situations, you won’t be able to access heat or electricity, which is a real problem in the winter. Though there are some projects that are suitable for winter, we recommend holding off and using the colder months to plan for a major renovation.

Spring is a great time for renovations, as the weather starts to get warmer but it’s not so hot that it becomes a health concern for workers. Rain can be tough to work around, but for projects that can be handled mostly indoors, it isn’t really an issue. Fall has similar weather, but it can be a busy time with back-to-school and preparing for the holidays.

Summer can be hot, but it’s a popular time for home remodeling. There’s less chance of rain and you have more flexibility with working outdoors.

Project Considerations

What time of year is best for your project will largely depend on the work you plan on having done. Will you need to relocate during the project? Will you still have access to parts of your home, including electricity, plumbing, and heating or air conditioning? What else do you have going on around that time? These are all questions to consider before planning your project timeline.

Some projects will take up more space and time than others. For example, if you’re remodeling a bathroom, you’ll likely lose water access for a time and will certainly need to use another bathroom while work is being completed.

It also depends on what type of project is being completed. If you’re having ductwork installed or removed, you may lose access to your heating or cooling systems, so you’ll want to complete that project in the spring or fall when the temperature is milder.

Any outdoor projects should also be completed in spring or fall, in order to capitalize on the mild weather and ensure they are completed before summer (if that is your goal) or before winter (when it gets too cold to work outside).

Consult with your contractor to see if there are any other considerations you need to make. There may be material shortages during certain times of the year, and you’ll also want to try and avoid a busy remodeling time in order to have the most flexibility in your timeline.

The Case for Spring

We believe that spring is the ideal season to complete most home remodeling projects. The weather is warm but not too hot and you’ll complete your project before the summer. If you’re big into entertaining or always have friends and family over for barbecues, you’ll want your project completely finished before you start inviting guests over. Completing the project in the spring also allows for a buffer time in case any issues arise that need to be addressed.

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