10 Tips for Planning a Successful Home Remodel

Couple renovating home

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of things to consider. And if this is your first time tackling a big project, it can all quickly start to feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, a little bit of research beforehand can make your remodel experience more enjoyable, cost-effective, and efficient.

Home Remodeling Tips

1. Consider how timing will affect your project.

Spring and summer have long been popular times for large projects, particularly outdoor ones. Because the weather tends to be nicer, people have more time off from work, and you can easily spend the day outside while your home is under construction, we suggest starting big projects during these seasons. And while every project follows a unique timeline, there’s a good chance your remodel will be done by the time the winter holidays come around.

2. Know what your end goal is.

Do you want to upgrade cosmetic features so that they’re a bit more modern or do you need to create more open space in your home? Do you want to stay in this home for the next several years or are you planning on selling soon?

Questions like these will affect how and when you remodel.

3. Don’t go with the first contractor you find.

We understand that homeowners often have a budget in mind that they don’t want to go over. However, choosing the least expensive contractor you find or going with a friend who has some carpentry experience can cause major problems down the line. If the work is not done correctly or up to code, you may have to spend more money correcting the problem. When remodeling your home, always choose a licensed and insured business with good reviews.

4. Don’t plan on doing everything yourself.

Even the handiest homeowner likely can’t safely complete major renovations. While you may be able to paint or install molding yourself, leave things like plumbing and electrical work to trained professionals.

5. Declutter as much as possible.

To make a remodel less stressful, store large pieces of furniture and small items that could break offsite. And even if people will be working exclusively in one room, you should consider covering furniture in other rooms because dust and debris can sometimes spread to other nearby rooms or hallways.

6. Plan for water to be shut off.

If you’re doing extensive work in the kitchen or bathrooms, there’s a good chance water to those rooms or the entire house will need to be temporarily shut off. Because of this, you may need to stock up on water bottles for cooking and drinking.

7. Don’t skimp on infrastructure.

Homeowners tend to want to put more money into things that can be seen, like tile, backsplash, and fixtures. While we understand that improving the overall look of your space is the main goal of a renovation, the importance of quality plumbing, insulation, and electrical work should never be underestimated. Not only is shotty work a potential safety hazard, but it can cause inconvenient problems down the road.

8. Consider projects that will give you a good ROI.

Even if you plan on staying in this home for some years, you want to consider upgrades that will improve your home’s value so that you don’t lose money on your investment when the time to sell does come,

9. Never be afraid to ask questions.

This is your home and your remodel. You should never be afraid to ask workers why they’re using certain materials or methods, or what they’re planning on doing on a given day. By staying involved in the project, you can avoid a lot of confusion and uncertainty.

10. Create one room in the house that is “reno-free.”

Having one room in the house free of equipment and workers will give your family a space to relax when at home. If you’re remodeling every room in the home, consider spending the day in a park or at the beach — this is another reason why summer renovations tend to be a bit easier!

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